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Integration of data increases safety in the coil store

Warehouse management system assures safety in coil stores

Integration of data increases safety in the coil store
With TWMS/metals from 3tn, coils and slabs can be stored in a straightforward way.

3tn has integrated the mechanical data of Lankhorst KLP® coil storage systems into its TWMS/metals warehouse management system. Integration of the data rules out the risk of entering wrong data when configuring a management system for a coil store. As a further benefit it ensures that no coils will be placed in a storage position that does not fulfill the required high safety standards. First experience at voestalpine has shown that the data integration also saves time.

The 3tn TWMS/metals warehouse management system optimizes coil storage. For each load case and storage place, the software calculates the loads acting on the coil stops and the resulting force vectors.

The configuration of a TWMS/metals warehouse management system used to entail the manual entry of a great number of values, among others minimum and maximum coil diameters, maximum load and the resulting force vectors for the coil cradles, wedges, stops, etc in use. Any incorrect data input was a potential safety hazard.

3tn has now integrated the mechanical data of the commonly used KLP® coil storage systems from Lankhorst Mouldings into its TWMS/metals warehouse management system. When configuring a coil store, the data of Lankhorst”s KLP® coil storage systems, KLP® RollStop systems or KLP® Rollblocks can now be simply clicked on with the mouse. Re-entering of data is not necessary.

By integrating these values, 3tn enhances safety in various respects: First of all, the users can be sure that the data of each component has been correctly entered. Only data of those KLP® systems actually in use in the mill are stored in the system. Pre-configuring the system in this way largely reduces the risk of mistaking components that look very much alike but have different properties, for example, in terms of maximum allowable load or coil temperature.

Later on, when the storage rows are being arranged, the system will send out a warning in case the elements are not properly configured; for example, in case a coil stop designed for coil diameters of up to 1,800 mm is intended to accommodate coil diameters of up 2,000 mm.

The integrated storage system data also makes work easier for the users: They simply choose the required items from a list and configure the warehouse with a few clicks on the mouse. Nevertheless, they still have the flexibility to define specific rules for each individual storage place. It is possible, for example, to specify for a certain area that the coils may not be stacked, for example, in an area where blocked coils are stored.

Bas Brouwer, Manager of the “Steel Industry” Business Unit at Lankhorst Mouldings, sees many synergies between warehouse management and coil storage: “Our products and the warehouse management systems from 3tn are in use in numerous mills around the globe. Therefore it was only logical to combine the two systems. Whether hot or cold-rolled, galvanized or coated coils, single layer or two or three level stacking – for all storage options, we jointly offer our customers a maximum of safety.”

Also for Thorsten Tönjes, one of the two Managing Directors of 3tn, safety in the coil store is a key issue: “We calculate for each coil the loads acting on the coil stops, and Lankhorst has the expertise to guarantee that the stops will safely accommodate these loads. 3tn software and Lankhorst hardware have been combined within one common process. This will take the already high safety of our systems to the next level.”

At its Linz steelworks, voestalpine Stahl GmbH has in operation numerous KLP® storage systems from Lankhorst Mouldings. 3tn is currently implementing TWMS/metals in 28 warehouses of the mill, for the first time integrating KLP® data.

This provides voestalpine Stahl GmbH a central management tool capable of pre-setting the parameters for the 3tn warehouse management system in the various warehousing areas and ensuring that only those coil stop types physically available in the mill can be clicked on. This enhances safety, makes for more ease of operation and practically rules out the risk of errors.


The TWMS/metals transport and warehouse management system optimizes warehousing processes. All storage activities are straightforward and in line with the requirements of the product. Most efficient use is made of the storage space available in various warehouses or even plant-wide. TWMS/metals also optimizes crane movements, avoids unnecessary shifting operations, preventively minimizing storage damage, and accelerates the transports. All processes become transparent because the system makes all information readily available and all activities intuitively comprehensible, while reducing searching to virtually zero.

3tn developed TWMS/metals specifically for the metals industry. The system comes preconfigured for all products, means of transport and warehouse arrangements common in that industry. In one direction, it communicates with ERP and MES systems and, in the other direction, with the basic automation systems and the sensor equipment.

A central element of TWMS/metals is the visualization of warehouses in real time as near-reality 3D views. In the crane cabins, the current warehouse situation is displayed exactly as seen by the crane operators. Arrows guide the crane operators from one position to the next, while all information they need for processing an order is being displayed.

About 3tn

Thomas Niepmann and Thorsten Tönjes founded 3tn in 1999, after working together for several years on warehouse management projects in the metals industry.

Their business plan was to develop customized warehouse optimization software, specifically tailored to the requirements of the metals industry. This philosophy has been consistently followed ever since.

The 3tn team consists of software developers, computer scientists, electrical technicians and engineers. They bring expertise to bear in all stages of a project: analyses and feasibility studies, software development, project management, commissioning, and user training. Experienced technicians ensure comprehensive after-sales support and 24/7 service.

About Lankhorst Mouldings

In 1981, Lankhorst Mouldings, manufacturers of KLP® plastic products for industrial applications, developed the first recyclable stops for coil stores. The development was kicked off by the decision of a local steel mill to replace the wooden stops it was using in its coil stores at that time with safer ones.

Today, KLP® coil storage systems from Lankhorst are found in mills around the globe. Storage systems from Lankhorst, which is based in Sneek in the Netherlands, are successfully in use at numerous the steel producers and processors, and traders of steel products. Customers of Lankhorst Mouldings benefit in many ways from the company”s wide range of products and longstanding experience: the systems provide utmost safety and flexibility and excel in terms of longevity.

Lankhorst products include: KLP® RollStop System, KLP® Rollblocks, KLP® RollCradle System, KLP® Storageblocks & Oiltrays, KLP® CoilWedge System, KLP® Coilwedges, KLP® Storagebeams, KLP® Slitcoilcarriers, KLP® Coilcarriers, KLP® Coil Carrier Connect and KLP® Rollpallets.

More information at: www.coilstorage.com/de

In addition to the above listed products, Lankhorst”s portfolio includes plastic products for pipe storage and for use in marine engineering and industries such as offshore and railway.

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