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Moxa“s Onboard CCTV and PID Solutions Deployed in 11 Locations and 7 Countries

Moxa, a leading provider of industrial networking and computing solutions, has provided TN-5000 series EN 50155 compliant Ethernet switches and V2000 series EN 50155 compliant embedded computers for onboard CCTV and onboard passenger information display (PID) applications in 11 of the world“s busiest airport and metro facilities, in 7 countries.

Moxa"s Onboard CCTV and PID Solutions Deployed in 11 Locations and 7 Countries

Moxa Rail Installations

One Solution Successfully Adapted for 11 Locations in 7 Countries

Moxa´s embedded computers and Ethernet switches have been selected by the world“s leading transportation solution provider for their CCTV surveillance and passenger information solution deployed on transit systems. This major global deployment puts Moxa“s embedded computers and Ethernet switches in 11 of the world“s busiest airports and metro systems.

Moxa Provides Truly Reliable Automated Transit Solutions

To deliver consistent safety and service quality in each and every one of these major installations, the transportation system integrator needed truly reliable automated transit solutions. Moxa“s EN 50155-compliant suite of industrial networking and computing solutions gave them the dependable performance it needed for operations in environments with heavy vibrations and extreme temperatures.

Moxa“s Seamless Integration Solution

„This is a big milestone: one integrated solution which seamlessly integrates with the communication backbone, passenger information, and CCTV systems,“ explained Leo Tsao, senior director of Moxa Railway Automation Solutions division. „Moxa embedded computers and Ethernet switches were successfully deployed in their state-of-the-art transit metro/trams in 11 worldwide airport terminals or city districts, in 7 countries.“ Deployment locations include Denver, USA; Boston, USA; Toronto, Canada; Munich airport terminal 2, Germany; Sao Paulo, Brazil; King Abdulaziz International Airport (Jeddah), Saudi Arabia; and Singapore.

EN 50155 Compliant Railway Products

Moxa“s V2000 series embedded computers and TN-5000 series Ethernet switches are EN 50155 compliant. The V2000″s patented HD bracket protects both the HDD and SSD from vibration and shock. Its fanless design guarantees reliability in extreme temperature conditions. The V2000 is a high performance network recorder suitable for rolling stock applications. In addition, Moxa“s TN-5000 Ethernet switches include Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain redundancy, with recovery time under 20 ms, as well as PoE, which simplifies the network cabling. The TN-5000 also supports isolated and wide redundant power inputs.

About Moxa Railway Solutions

Moxa is a global leader in a wide range of IP-based communications solutions. Now, Moxa is contributing its networking expertise and innovative technology to the railway industry through new market-specific solutions and membership in IEC railway committees. Railway operators world-wide have discovered new operational efficiencies by deploying Moxa“s unique time and cost-saving railway technologies, such as intelligent wireless inter-carriage connections, flexible and location-based auto device configuration, millisecond-speed Ethernet redundancy, and millisecond-speed WLAN roaming solutions. With over 25 years of experience in industrial networking, Moxa has a time-tested record of developing products with longevity. By designing for long MTBF, owning all the core component IP, and building long-term partnerships, Moxa helps railway integrators create sustainable solutions with low life-cycle costs. Moxa“s broad portfolio solutions have been deployed all over the world in major POS (Passenger Oriented Service), passenger Wi-Fi, CCTV, CBTC (Communication-based Train Control) , ATO (Automatic Train Operation), wayside DCS, and other railway systems.

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Moxa Rail Solutions

Über Moxa
1987 in Taiwan gegründet, ist Moxa Inc. heute weltweit einer der drei größten Hersteller von Netzwerklösungen für die Industrieautomation. Rund 700 Angestellte in Taiwan, China, den USA, Indien und Europa (Deutschland, Frankreich) gewährleisten flexible Antworten auf Marktbedürfnisse und schaffen Innovation durch konsequentes Vorausdenken. 25 Jahre Erfahrung in F & E und Produktion belegen Moxas technische Kompetenz.
Moxas Produkte werden über ein dichtes Distributoren-Netzwerk vertrieben. Die Kunden stammen aus den verschiedensten Branchen, wie Energiewirtschaft, Transportwesen, Maschinenanlagen, Gebäude- & Fabrikautomatisierung, Schiffbau, Point of Sale, Bankautomaten uvm., und sie profitieren nicht nur von zuverlässigen Qualitätsprodukten, sondern auch von Moxas leidenschaftlicher Kundenorientierung.
Moxa ist ISO9001:2000 sowie ISO14001 zertifiziert und alle Produkte sind RoHS & WEEE und REACH konform. Detaillierte Informationen über Moxa finden Sie unter www.moxa.com (oder auf der deutschen Webseite www.moxa.com/de ).
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