nanotron Technologies allows in-house logistic tracking

nanotron’s CSS technology extends functionality and usage of MECOMO’s new product.

nanotron Technologies allows in-house logistic tracking

mecSOLAR integrates nanotron’s CSS technology to permit the tracking of logistic objects in confined areas.

It is now possible to localize logistic objects whilst indoors. The leading German RTLS developer, nanotron Technologies, has integrated its Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) technology into the latest tracking product of the telematics specialist, MECOMO. CSS technology uniquely allows the wireless localization and data transmission within closed spaces. With nanotron’s CSS technology, the functionality of MECOMO’s GPS-based tracking solution, mecSOLAR, has been extended to now allow in-house tracking. The mecSOLAR tracking solution is the first of its kind to combine GPS and indoor tracking of logistics objects. MECOMO presented its product as a world first at this year’s IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2012 in Hanover, Germany. mecSOLAR is currently being tested by selected logistics companies and is expected to go into production in January 2013.

To ensure mecSOLAR fully benefited from the special properties of nanotron”s CSS technology – remarkable energy efficiency and penetrating signal strength – the two companies have developed an entirely new and specialized wireless sensor radio interface named mecSENSE. The combination of CSS technology with mecSENSE makes mecSOLAR the ideal solution for use with sensors in containers. In addition to all the most important sensors already featured in mecSOLAR – including temperature, humidity, shock, light and door sensors – supplementary sensors can easily be connected providing they have the new interface. Thus, mecSOLAR can be applied for numerous usages.

Stefan Heimerl, MECOMO CEO, commented: “We are delighted to have partnered with nanotron. By integrating CSS technology into mecSOLAR, we can now offer our clients the unique combination of GPS and in-house tracking. Moreover, with our co-developed radio sensor interface, mecSENSE, we can now grant additional mecSOLAR functionality. Now is the time for sensor manufacturers to prepare their products for the new platform.”

nanotron and MECOMO have been collaborating since the beginning of 2012. In May 2012, the two partners presented their first joint project, mecCARGO, at the IDTechEx in Berlin. mecCARGO is another MECOMO product integrating/incorporating nanotron”s CSS technology.

Additional information
With its RTLS product portfolio, nanotron Technologies addresses system integrators, equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and middleware providers with a focus on global industry markets. nanotron delivers a transparent radio interface in compliance with ISO / IEC 24730-5 – the global standard for the localization and tracking of goods. nanotron enables customers to develop their own industry-specific tags and release them into market.

In addition to mecSOLAR, MECOMO AG is also the inventor of another solar assisted telematics unit, GPS solar, which is successfully used by large logistics companies in Europe. The new product, mecSOLAR, aims to complement GPS solar as well as to extend MECOMO”s product lineup.

nanotron and MECOMO are working on establishing CSS radio technology as a logistic industry standard for short-range radio communication via sensors.

The company group MECOMO AG is one of the leading solution providers for asset and shipment tracking solutions in Europe. Its division MECOMO Telematics is specialized on customized high end tracking solutions. The company has significant experience in HW/SW integration and supports a broad portfolio of tracking devices for people, vehicle and object tracking. MECOMO Telematics primarily serves leading logistics companies in the transportation routes of land, rail and ship traffic.

About nanotron Technologies
nanotron Technologies ( is a leading provider of wireless products that help to protect and find people, animals and valuable assets. They create highly accurate location information and energy-efficiently transmit data with a singlelow-cost chip. nanotron”s technology is patent-protected and follows ISO and IEEE standards for global asset tracking. nanotron”s solutions are used in a wide range of applications and industry verticals including child safety in public places, livestock monitoring & management, mine safety, virtual fencing and transit yard management. nanotron”s products are available on two distinct platforms: protect and find. The protect platform monitors proximity. The find platform locates people, animals and valuable assets. Both platforms create reliable and efficient visibility. nanotron supports its customers and channel partners to adapt the protect and find products to the needs of their vertical markets.

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